Mindfulness in the 21st century education


Mindfulness fundamentals to change our brains. Be a mindful teacher!

Location: Poland | Duration: 5 days


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    A modern teacher today has a very complex role of a learner, facilitator, innovator, counselor, assessor and manager, all at the same time, like a real superman or superwoman.


    We are here to provide you with the trill of inspiration that will make you forget about your daily tedious tasks like writing reports, stresses of demanding learning environment organisation or difficult classroom management.


    The courses we design are to keep teachers up to date with all the evident and fast changing social transformations and technological advances. We want to help a school to be a place where learning process takes place, not where teaching is organized. The intention is to make a shift in our thinking about the educational process itself, concentrated on the learner whom we see as an intelligent agent with the potential to learn not only inside schools, but also from all the world outside the school. We put emphasis not only on technology integrated classrooms but also on stimulating classroom environment to induce stress free, creative thinking.

    Directors, managers, school staff, pre-primary school, primary school, secondary school staff, trainers, project coordinators, educators,  adult education providers, NGOs.



    Mindfulness practice

    Mindfulness workshops


    – to acquaint participants with relaxation techniques that effectively influence the education process.

    – to prevent of aggression and school anxiety.

    – to increase the ability to influence classroom behavior.

    – to ensure effective learning conditions for generations X and Z.

    – to allow participants to experience the influence of Mindfulness on the effective acquisition of knowledge.

    – to transfer the techniques and principles of Mindfulness into the teaching process.


    Getting to know each other:

    participants’ presentations, their regular day at work and their institution,

    presentation of the host organization.

    Introduction to the programme

    Mindfulness practice.

    Lecture: “Impact of mindfulness on the development of school competences”. 





    How to do it?

    Mindfulness practice.

    Workshop: “Introducing mindfulness into the teaching cycle”.



    Experiencing mindfulness?

    Mindfulness practice.

    Discussing the tools that can be used to introduce mindfulness to schools.

    Experiencing mindfulness in a unique environment.



    How to implement mindfulness?

    Mindfulness practice. 

    Creating your own mindful projects.



    Good practices 

    Mindfulness practice.



    Final evaluation and certification.

    5 day course fee: 450€*

    The fee is 450€ per participant. 

    The course fee includes:

    • pre-course assistance,

    • welcome ceremony,

    • tuition and course materials,

    • certification – Certificate of Attendance and Europass Mobility,

    • follow-up.

    Not included in the fee:

    • travel costs,

    • accommodation and maintenance costs,

    • travel insurance (at your own responsibility).

    Not included in the fee but possible to arrange on request:

    • trips and cultural program,

    • accommodation arrangement,

    • arrival assistance.

    * Possible discounts. Contact us for more information. 


    16 Mar

    Mindfulness in the 21st century education

    • 09:00 am
    • Bielsko-B, Poland

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    11 May

    2 session

    • 09:00 am
    • Bielsko-B. Poland

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    08 Jun

    3 session

    • 09:00 am
    • Bielsko-B, Poland

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    22 Jun

    4 session

    • 09:00 am
    • Bielsko-B, Poland

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    06 Jul

    5 session

    • 09:00 am
    • Bielsko-B, Poland

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    13 Jul

    6 session

    • 09:00 am
    • Bielsko-B, Poland

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